In this blog I offer guidance for the situations you may meet in your daily life as you deal with your family, work and personal issues; using my own take on being spiritual in a busy, challenging and often confusing world.

I juggle (not always successfully!) my own life roles of spiritual teacher, healer, step mother, wife, dog owner and writer and these all offer a magnitude of situations that test me and teach me.

I’ve discovered it’s not easy being a spiritual being in a human body but our emotions, doubts and frailties are all part of the human experience and keep us in touch with reality no matter how many Ohms or head stands we do in a day.

I’ve managed to survive so far, often by seeing the funny side of disasters, mistakes and bad choices and can now see the lessons and benefits gained from standing back and seeing the bigger picture; for there is a lesson in every single experience, however bad it seems at the time.

Let me know if you have any particular issues that you would like me to address and I will see if I can help.

Love and hugs

Anne x

If anyone needs healing from me and cannot make a personal session or seminar then they can connect and receive healing through my monthly healing event. To connect to these distant healing events, please visit and like my Facebook Page. You will then see the information regarding my monthly events with instructions on how to join in.