Here is my friend Douglas’s latest update from Nepal. The people need practical help and it is easier done from within the country. Donations allow his team to purchase and deploy real help right where it’s needed. 100% of the donations go to where it is needed. Bless you and thank you for anything you can do.

Anne xxx.

Dear All,

nepal updateThank you so much for your 100s of emails, phone calls, requests of support in kind, donations and willingness to come out and volunteer. This means so much to the people of Nepal.

The people of Nepal and especially children remain traumatised at every after shock they feel and are too scared to enter their homes that remain standing. We have had 98 after shocks of which one was an earthquake in itself of 6.7 magnitude which caused major devastation in Kavre and Sindhupalchok districts. Not knowing what to do has created widespread panic. There were more shocks during the night and this morning. The current situation is as follows:

nepal update

  • The Death Toll crosses 4,356 and expected to reach above 10,000. Currently 8165 injuries, but this too is likely to increase massively once remote areas are accessed properly in Lamjung, Gorkha, Dhading, Rasuwa, Nuwakot, Sindhupalchowk, Kavre, Ramechap, Dolakha districts. Currently over 400,000 homes are known to have collapsed or partially damaged, but news from remote areas is not forth coming. It is expected that approximately 4 million people will be displaced, and according to Save the Children their guess is that an estimated 2 million children will be affected by the scale of the disaster. A total of 8 million people throughout 39 districts have been affected according to the UN resident Country Director in Nepal who we are in contact with. The UN says that 1.4 million need food urgently.

    Work has been hampered by inclement weather in the past couple of days and by the fact that Nepalese authorities are completely overwhelmed by the disaster. Sources say, having no experience of dealing with such a disaster, Nepal has not been able to utilize resources at its disposal even though help has been pouring from across the world.

    In fact, the first team of doctors from India that landed in Nepal on Saturday, could not be deployed for 10 hours as Nepalese authorities could not figure out where to send them.

  • Drone video footage:
  • The situation is worse in remote rural areas. Highways have been blocked by landslides, and many villages and communities are without water and electricity, surviving on salvaged food and with no outside help. Landslides have also created havoc and in Sindhupalchok district 71 houses were taken away by one single landslide While aid has begun arriving in the capital, including food, medical supplies, tents and dogs trained for rescue efforts, the authorities are struggling to deliver relief further afield. Time is running out to find survivors among the rubble of collapsed buildings. In the north of Kathmandu, survivors suspended their search overnight, with plans to resume early on Tuesday. “We cannot look for missing people … with a candle in our hands,” said Amarnath Prasad, 26, a musician who was helping his best friend look for his missing mother. Families and friends of the victims lit hundreds of funeral pyres in towns and the countryside.
  • Foreign countries escalated efforts to get medical equipment, medicine, food, water, blankets, tents and search-and-rescue teams into Nepal, but chaotic scenes at the main international airport slowed the flow of aid. Many relied aid flights were circling the airport and after 2 hours returned to India, Dubai, Dhaka.
  • One of the big fears is the disease and epidemics that will break out soon due to the overfull camps people are living in without sanitation facilities. This will be multiplied when the monsoon hits Nepal in just over a month.
  • Very soon food shortages will be apparent in the cities as main highways are still blocked, and as village people keep their food supplies for the year stored in their houses, they have lost their stocks. Fuel supplies are also running out, so transporting goods to remote areas will be problematic. Banks are running out of cash supplies. Due to our good relations with the bank, we managed in confidence to get funds released today to purchase the most necessary relief materials such as tents, blankets, dry food, ropes and tarps.
  • As far as has been reported till now, our own CWS HK projects have been effected. Very tragic but two of our Day Care Health Centres in Sindhupalchok have been totally destroyed. Luckily no children were in the centres at the time due to the earthquake striking on Saturday. No other CWS HK projects have had material damage though private village houses have collapsed in some of our project areas in Kaski and Lamjung districts.
  • Thousands flee Kathmandu valley as they cannot wait for support from the government anymore for water and food distributions.
  • Morgues are now full and people are cremating at sites in villages and at Pashupatinath wherever they can to perform last rites of their loved ones.
    Sadly, the government of Nepal, though trying their best are totally ill-prepared for this disaster. Bureaucracy is still going on and wish all donations to go to the Prime Minister’s Fund. For us this is not working to reach the people quickly enough. There are lots of flights with aid that cannot arrive at the one international landing strip Nepal has due to congestion, and trucks with loads of relief aid supplies are stuck at the Indian-Nepal border, as they don’t have the paper work to bring the goods in. We need to take the risk in our funding agencies in Hong Kong (CWS), in the UK (Freedom Matters), and Luxembourg (ONGD FNEL) getting the funds to us directly, and deal with the questions by the government later, as speed is of the essence now. At this moment, it is very important to be unified and to coordinate closely with all the agencies we are or have worked together with in the past whether they be Government agencies, Funding partners, international agencies, local implementing partners and the communities that haven’t been hit badly to get supplies to the people and communities that have.
    Funding partners that have committed to the specific emergency relief efforts are CWS HK, Freedom Matters, ONGD FNEL Luxembourg. Our local partners have been mobilised and I am coordinating with all of them to get teams out in the areas where it is most necessary. This is what we are doing at the moment:
    • We are coordinating with the following NGO partners – CWSN, Right4Children (R4C), Kopila Nepal, Sano Paila, Child Nepal, Karma Flights. We have also got the Pavilions Himalaya involved in the Tourist Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund operated by a concerted effort of the whole tourism sector of Pokhara. The latter group is funding and supporting hands on efforts in Lamjung, Gorkha, and Dhading where the Epi centre is.
    • CWSN has opened up the Asha Clinic for patients referred by the main Gandaki hospital – the patients have already arrived today. Less serious patients will be housed at the Jyoti Vocational Training centre from today. With tents and the current facilities we will be able to house approximately 700 people and supply them with longer term accommodation, food, counselling, and general health support in Pokhara. Also CWSN is providing their ambulances and other vehicles to reach out to the remoter village areas.
    • Right4Children has a dedicated help desk set up in the main Government Gandaki hospital in Pokhara. We have two staff stationed there supporting new patients coming in every day. Those who have been treated with mid to basic injuries are then transferred to Asha Clinic where needed. Right4Children has opened its office as a contact office and a 24 hour hotline service. We need more manpower to support this, as all our staff are out in the field. Anil and Uttam have arrived in Lamjung with a team of volunteers with Kopila Nepal. They have been provided tents, blankets, tarps. We are supporting 5000 people up there and we need more supplies going up every day. Bishnu has joined a team of volunteers with Karma Flights providing 200 tarps, ropes, 15 larger tents, food supplies (rice and lentils – 125Kg, 300 packs of noodles), 60 blankets, cooking pots and utensils, water storage gallons and canisters, Rs. 50,000/- medical supplies in Gorkha. They have got stuck in a landslide but will reach the village area of Sauri Pani tomorrow afternoon to assess the situation and report back. Much more materials heading up tomorrow. The injured are being ferried down by the vehicles we send the materials up in. Rajiv and Keshu are coordinating with the government authorities including the army. Sujit, Deependra Pokherel, and Nirwan are in charge of logistics, supply purchase, transportation, and financial accounting of everything. Nirwan and myself are in charge of communications, overall management, and coordination with all partners. Ramesh and Deependra Rai have returned to their own remote areas in Dhading and Ramechap searching for missing relatives. We have closed down the building site at pavilions himalaya to add work force to these efforts.
    • We are coordinating with the local authorities to evacuate people now from Gorkha remote areas which are just being reached for the first time. Some areas are 7 days walk away and can only be accessed by helicopter. We do not have the manpower to reach areas far out such as Bihi and Prok VDCs.
    • Kopila Nepal has also sent a team up to Gorkha which will coordinate with Bishnu and Karma flights. Another team of Kopila is already based in Kathmandu to provide trauma counselling.
    • We are coordinating now with Child Nepal and Sano Paila to get support out to Sindhupalchok and Kavre soon. Sindupalchok is very badly affected with most villages being totally destroyed. Less than 5% of village infrastructure remains. We are desperate to get more people supporting these teams. Till now we’ve only got 15 tents up to Kavre district.
    • With teams now in place in some remoter districts we have communications there to coordinate with us here in Pokhara to get the correct needs of the people to them.
    • Our 24 hour hotline number is: +97761694379 at the Right4Children office, or my mobile number: +9779856020859

Therefore, I have been trying to coordinate all of these together and as many wish to support from different areas throughout the world, I have mentioned the different main agencies you can donate to abroad or in Nepal so we can ensure that 100% of these funds reach us and get to the places it matters most immediately. For example if you are in the UK and a taxpayer, then it is better to go through Freedom Matters as 25% is added in GiftAid if you are a UK taxpayer, and if you are in Hong Kong then you can use your tax receipt received by CWS to your benefit. Please see below for details on how to support us below:

What we urgently need now for the people in these remote areas are:
1. Shelter for the people in remote villagers: Tents, tarps, ropes
2. Mats and blankets
3. Transport and logistic support on the ground
4. Medicine and health supplies, health workers, psycho social counsellors and social workers
5. Food supplies
6. Clothes
7. Water containers

As it is very difficult to get things into the country other than in regular luggage, we will need to purchase these items here. Please send donations to:

Donating from Hong Kong – Child Welfare Services Hong Kong:

Donating from UK – Freedom Matters:

Donating from overseas – Right4Children – R4C Donation page:

We will make sure the relevant partners receive the funds you donate and that these go for 100% to the communities and people that need them most.

Many of you might receive this information again through the CWS HK and Freedom Matters updates and Appeals, but I wanted to respond to all of you in this way personally as you have been so kind to get in touch with me. I am so very grateful to you all for your thoughts, love, and pledges to support us. We will make a massive difference to so many thousands working together. We are working round the clock to make this happen. On behalf of all the partners internationally and here on the ground, I would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

Douglas Maclagan
Emergency Relief Coordinator

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